Paragon Managed Services are designed to provide our OEM and VAR customers with a variety of industry leading services to provide mission critical support of their supply chain and operations organizations. An industry leader in terms of expertise and domestic job creation, PARAGON leverages in-depth product knowledge across its enterprises through PartSmart℠, a proprietary system and innovative service-based approach to asset management.

Paragon Asset Management Services: Maximize Your Return

Recover, recycle and redeploy assets that are no longer in service or in the process of EOL. Paragon's services are tailored to our clients' specific requirements after detailed communication to understand the materials to be handled. We will work with our client's on operations and logistics, EH&S, transportation and reporting to ensure complete management of their materials.

Paragon Reverse Logistics

A managed service from Paragon that leverages our extensive inventory, repair services and reverse logistics to allow our VAR clients to complement their maintenance offerings and eliminate the need for redundant spares inventory.

Paragon Repair Services

Over 100,000 square feet of production and over 100 trained technicians allow Paragon Repair Services to have the highest quality and shortest lead times in the industry.

Paragon Consumer Electronics Remanufacturing Services

Our State of the art facility and staff handle thousands of units a week from leading manufacturers like Samsung, RIM, LG and Apple.

Paragon Product Lifecycle Services

Our extensive partnerships with OEM's like Samsung, Nortel and Avaya and our knowledge of the remanufacturing supply chain make Paragon Lifecycle Services the perfect choice to support the Manufacture Discontinued (MD) and End of Sale (EOS) needs in the market.

Paragon Electronics Recycling (E-Cycling)

Our E-Cycling Services allow for the certified disposal and destruction of consumer and enterprise technology in accordance with the IERCE and the E Waste Management Industry standards.